It’s all in the name.

Help us name Fayetteville’s newest outdoor destination.


Let’s imagine this place together.

Settled between pockets of wilderness and Fayetteville’s beloved downtown arts and entertainment district, the Cultural Arts Corridor is the future epicenter of this community—a link between Fayetteville’s unique culture and the institutions that define it. We’ve entrusted the most important part of this project to the creative community it will serve by opening the floor to name submissions from local residents.

Our citywide naming campaign starts now!

This incredible area needs a name, and who better for the job? We want you to bring the Fayetteville Cultural Arts Corridor to life. Here are three ways YOU can get involved. Get ready, get set, get creative!


Not quite ready? Get inspired.

Let’s imagine this place together.

The Fayetteville Cultural Arts Corridor is only the beginning of a vital connection to our downtown arts and entertainment district. We want you to fill in the rest.

What & Where

    • 1. Lawn (flexible Event Space)
    • 2. Promenade
    • 3. Artful Stormwater
    • 4. Interactive Water Course
    • 5. Shaded Garden
    • 6. North Anchor Structure
    • 7. Permanent Sculpture
    • 8. Razorback Greenway
    • 9. Street Parking
    • 10. Open Shade Pavillion
    • 11. Outdoor Cafe Seating
    • 12. South Anchor Structure
    • 13. Stage / Overlook
    • 14. Library Crossing
    • 15. South St. Entry
    • 16. Streetscape Improvements
    • 17. Canopy Walk
    • 18. Accessible E-W Trail
    • 19. Razorback Greenway
    • 20. Service Path
    • 21. Thresholds
    • 22. Tanglewood Branch
    • 23. Park
    • 24. Picnic Area

Check out the full project details at the City of Fayetteville

50 acres to work and play, stretch your legs, ride your bike, and enjoy the arts—all connecting us to the heart of Fayetteville.

We’ve got the tools you need to stoke your creativity and rally the troops. Let’s get started and see what you’ve got!

Head to our portal to submit, walk through the campaign timeline and be privy to all of the updates, hot off the press.

Time is running out.

It’s your chance to take action and collaborate with us on this exciting project. Fayetteville, it’s yours to name. Submit your name ideas now.

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